Threatened species: results of a Project based on Learning

La brújula del tiempo

Threatened species was a project based on learning developed by students of First ESO (Bilingual Section) in a collaborative way between Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. The project was purposed to report the situation of several animal threatened species who live in different biomes around the world. Thereby, students could have the possibility to analyze and discover world climates, biomes and environmental hazards.

Students must published the results of their in a slide. It could be done according to a template which may be used as a work guide. Students reported the natural classification of animals, their description, geographic location and the landscape where they live (name, common trees and bushes, river’s features, soils and another animal species who live there), how are they adapted to the environment, their climatic area and finally, the environmental hazards that they are suffering. Differents species such as capercaille, elephant, gorilla, grizzly, iberian lynx, otter, panda, polar bear and many more were…

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